Life passes by quickly. Before you know it, your little ones will grow up into adults with a life of their own. And when they do, you would want them to be ready for life. Education gives your children the knowledge they need about different subjects, but it does not necessarily equip them with essential life skills.  Teen Power Camp is here to help!

Teen Power Camp is open to kids ages 13-18 yrs old.  No experience necessary! Age exceptions can be made for special cases. We look forward to working with our campers to develop a variety of important life, leadership, and martial arts skills!


During the Karate Advancement Training part of the day, campers are broken out into smaller groups based on rank. Current students work on requirements for their next stripe or belt during this supercharged class! New students will earn their white belt and two yellow stripes during the week and will be ready to jump into our regular beginners karate class!

Here are some of the important topics we will be covering:

Coping with Emotions & Communication

  • Think & act, don't react

  • Empathy with others

  • Accepting emotions

  • Positive self-talk

Time Management & Organizational

  • Creating a schedule & routine

  • Managing stress

  • Identify goals and develop a plan for success

Money & Budgeting

  • Making a budget

  • Spending vs. saving

  • Online financial safety

  • Financial responsibility

Conflict Resolution & Social Behavior

  • Face problems/mistakes

      - don't run!

  • Conflict de-escalation

  • Social media safety

  • Developing & maintaining healthy relationships

Employability Skills

  • Filling out applications (job & college)

  • Interview Practice

  • Work ethics & integrity

  • Adaptability skills

  • Dressing for success

Leadership Skills

  • Stand tall, make eye contact, speak clearly & confidently

  • Motivate & encourage others

  • Take action before being told

Thank you for another great Teen Camp during these difficult times!

We will be back next year!


  • Current students should bring their uniform, weapons and sparring equipment with them each day.


  • If you did not sign up for the lunch plan, pack your child with a lunch each day. We have a refrigerator available to keep it cold if needed.


  • Snacks or drinks to have during break periods. We also have bottled drinks and snacks available for purchase. Campers will always have access to our drinking fountain for water and a drink cooler with kool-aid, gatorade, or lemonade daily.


  • Any medication and/or allergy information can be given to our Medical Director.


  • Comfortable clothes and sneakers for outdoor events.


  • Sunblock is recommended.

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