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Welcome Samurai students! Here you find some resources and links to stay up-to-date, to keep connected and to sign up for special events. Let us know if you have suggestions on what we can add to this page!


  • Samurai Martial Arts on Facebook
  • Samurai Martial Arts on Twitter
  • Samurai Martial Arts on Google+
  • Samurai Martial Arts on YouTube
  • Samurai Martial Arts on Pinterest

Upcoming Events: See what special events we have planned at the dojo for the next month!

Floor Schedule: See the most up-to-date floor schedule for all 3 of our dojo floors.

> See the most up to date floor schedule


International Isshin-Ryu Karate Federation: Learn more about the IIKF and what benefits are included when signing up for a lifetime membership for only $40!

> Learn more about the IIKF

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