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What are your kids doing this summer? Give them an experience they'll remember at Rochester's original martial arts kids camp! Campers spend a fun-filled week with Karate Advancement Training, completing the Samurai Ninja Obstacle Course, learning weapons, learning how to break a board, and more! We offer 3 different themed martial arts camps throughout the summer, each with different benefits and experiences.

The Ultimate Martial Arts Camps are open to all kids, no matter the experience level. In 2020 we celebrated our 25th anniversary! We love watching our campers grow mentally and physically throughout the week and year after year. Our black belt staff working the camp were also campers before!​

Paper information and registration forms available for download here!



  • During the Karate Advancement Training part of the day, campers are broken out into smaller groups based on rank. Current students work on requirements for their next stripe or belt during this super charged class! New students will earn their white belt and two yellow stripes during the week and will be ready to jump into our regular beginners karate class!​

  • Depending on the camp you sign up for, there will be new and exciting martial art classes including:

⭐ Warrior Battlefield

⭐ Bully Proof Class

⭐ Gladiator Competition

⭐ XMA Weapons

⭐ Stranger Danger Self-Defense

⭐ Board Breaking

  • Campers will also have fun playing a variety of team games including:​

⭐ Survival Relay Race

⭐ Dodgeball

⭐ Nerf War

⭐ Ninja Balance Battle



  • Current students should bring their uniform, weapons and sparring equipment with them each day.

  • If you did not sign up for the lunch plan, pack your child with a lunch each day. We have a refrigerator available to keep it cold if needed.

  • Snacks or drinks to have during break periods. We also have bottled drinks and snacks available for purchase. Campers will always have access to our drinking fountain for water and a drink cooler with kool-aid or lemonade daily.

  • Any medication and/or allergy information can be given to our Medical Director.

  • Comfortable clothes and sneakers for outdoor events.

  • Sunblock is recommended.

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