We are heartbroken to be in this situation but we are so grateful to have the ability to provide you with training videos that you can watch in the comfort and safety of your home. 

So push the couch aside and get ready for some Samurai classes!

We have emailed all active members a password to access the video training. If you are a current student and did not receive a password, please email us at samurai@frontiernet.net.

Videos that we have done so far include:

⭐ Martial Arts Workout
⭐ Leadership Training
⭐ Cardio Kickboxing Workouts
⭐ MMA Striking
⭐ Sport Kumite
⭐ Jiu-Jitsu Workout

⭐ Kendo Footwork and Striking

⭐ Kendo Katas
⭐ Intro to Karate
⭐ Seisan Kata
⭐ Seiuchin Kata
⭐ Naihanchi Kata
⭐ Wansu Kata

⭐ Chinto Kata
⭐ Kusanku Kata
⭐ Sunsu Kata

⭐ Sanchin Kata

⭐ Bo Basics

⭐ Tokomine-no-kun (Bo 1)

⭐ Sai Basics

⭐ Kusanku Sai
⭐ Upper Body Basics
⭐ Lower Body Workout
⭐ Plank Workout
⭐ Stretching Cool Down

We would love to know what you think! Email us at samurai@frontiernet.net or send us a Facebook message with your thoughts and suggestions. You also have the option to create an account and comment in each blog post!

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