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Here you will find some important information and FAQs.


Equipment & Clothing:

  • Please bring your laptop or tablet with a charging cord to be prepared for the daily schoolwork session in the morning. If you have a student portal to sign into please remember to write it down and bring it with you as well. 

  • Please bring all schoolwork papers and supplies to get your schoolwork finished daily.

  • Students are encouraged to wear comfortable, flexible clothing to reduce the need to change in the locker room.

Sign In/Sign Out:

  • Students and parents must wear a mask whenever entering or leaving the building. Staff and students must wear a mack at all times that social distancing cannot be enforced or when traveling around the building. Students will have their temperature taken every morning by staff. Anyone with a temperature over 100 degrees will not be allowed entrance. 

  • Children must be escorted into the school and checked in each day.  They may not be dropped off without being checked in by staff.  If a child needs to be picked by someone other than the name listed on the registration form, it must be pre-arranged with the campus staff.  Also, if the child needs to be released before the end of the day, this must also be pre-arranged.

  • Please leave a phone number where you can be reached and a backup number in case you are not available.


  • Please do not bring your child to camp if they are feeling ill or running a fever.  If your child becomes ill during the day, you will be called to pick them up as soon as possible.

  • Bring any needed medicines in the original prescription bottle labeled with your child's name, the name of the medicine, and when it is to be given.  All medicines will be locked in the staff office. Staff must administer all medication unless medically specified (i.e. Inhalers).

  • If your child has any medical restrictions (i.e. physical, allergies, special medical requirements) or is unable to participate in any activity please notify our staff. 


  • There will be snacks, treats, and drinks available to purchase from our store during break times throughout the day.  Have your camper bring a few dollars to purchase these items. If your camper has food restrictions, please let the staff know ahead of time.

  • Samurai will not be providing lunches for Campus students, please do not forget to pack a lunch! A cooler will be available for lunch boxes/bags for the day but will need to be brought home at the end of the day.

Campus Conduct

Each child is expected to adhere to the conduct policies disclosed here.  The number one objective of The Samurai Campus is to provide a safe, nurturing environment for all.

  • No profanity or smoking

  • No leaving the premises or going into posted unauthorized areas

  • No stealing or defacing other students or staff members property

  • No eating or gum chewing when doing any physical activity.

  • No disrespect to any student or staff.

  • No throwing rocks, dirt, sticks, or objects that could cause injury.

  • Report any incident to a staff member right away.

  • Always show good sportsmanship when participating in a game, race, contest, etc.

  • Sneakers or shoes must be worn whenever outside.

  • All campers must inform a staff member anytime they must leave the group. (to get a drink, use the restroom, make a phone call, etc.)

  • There will be no contact allowed in any of the outside games and events.

  • Handwashing and sanitizing will be required throughout the day.

  • Parents will be notified of any student who does not follow the rules and guidelines of the Samurai staff.  If the behavior does not improve campers may be dismissed from campus. 

  • Any student who creates an unsafe situation for themselves or others because of horseplay may be required to sit out an event, parents will be notified, and could result in a dismissal.

As always, let us know if you have any questions and we will see you at the Campus!


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