Learn about the intricate art of kung fu at Samurai! Wing Chun is an amazing system of martial arts that includes foundation principles such as center line, relaxation, balance and structure. Learn forms, weapons and sparring using techniques that are direct and extremely efficient. We have classes available for teens and adults!

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art and one of the most popular and widely taught styles of kung fu in the world. It was first taught openly by Grandmaster Ip Man and made famous by one of his students, Bruce Lee. 


Wing Chun Kung Fu teaches students to move quickly in and strike at close range. The techniques are direct and delivered to the target in the shortest route possible. 

Learn the art of hard/soft in this kung fu class. One aspect of kung fu that sets it apart from other styles is training both hands to respond at the same time rather than one at a time to block and strike. This sensitivity is learned through through the practice of "Chi Sau" or "sticky hands".


  • We recommend for you to come in 15-20 minutes before your first class to get fitted for a uniform and take a tour of the facilities.

  • We recommend attending 2-3 classes a week if your schedule allows for it.  This will improve confidence in the skills learned and boost self-esteem.​

  • We have men's and women's locker rooms where personal items can be stored during class (ie: shoes, jackets, clothes, bags).


  • Wear your uniform and sash to every class.​


  • Feel free to bring water or a sports drink with you. We also have a drinking fountain available and bottled cold drinks for sale in our pro-shop.

Kung Fu Class Schedule


Teens & Adults (13 yrs & up)

Tuesday & Thursday:  7:15-8:30pm 

Saturday: 10:00-10:50am



See our full class schedule here!



6 Kung Fu classes
Training Manual
FREE Uniform!

*Valid on new students only.

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