MMA Fitness is a light-contact dynamic workout that focuses on improving striking technique, power, and accuracy, for both punches and kicks, as well as ground conditioning! It is a blend of boxing, muay thai kickboxing, and jiu-jitsu. Train like an Ultimate Fighter! Classes are tailored to fit the ability of the students and are open to teens and adults only.

​MMA Fitness is a fantastic fitness class for men and women! No martial arts experience is needed. You will learn proper technique for punches, kicks and footwork in class while working up a serious sweat! We utilize punching bags, heavy bags, focus mitts, jump ropes, free weights, body bars and stability balls during classes to maximize your workout.


MMA Fitness instructors are all black belts in karate and/or jiu-jitsu and have decades of martial arts experience. They will be able to teach you the correct form when punching and kicking. They also have the knowledge and experience to create new combinations that are great for both exercise and practical uses.

Benefits to MMA training:

⭐ Burn Calories & Lose Weight

This is one of the top reasons students join our program. Burn between 400-600 calories during this 45 minute full body workout!

⭐ Tone & Build Muscle

Utilizing wavemasters, focus mitts, heavy bags, and kick shields for striking combinations will help tone and build muscle. You will notice your punches and kicks becoming stronger!

⭐ Increase Cardio Endurance & Core Strength

While working to improve speed and accuracy, we will be also be working to improve endurance, core strength, power, and flexibility.

⭐ Stress-Relief

Our classes give your mind a 45 minute vacation from everything else going on in your life. Sweating also has a very mentally and physically cleansing effect. And if you're like most people, hitting bags and mitts also helps in this department!

⭐ Increase Self-Confidence

Feel great, look great, and improve your overall health!






  • 6 Kickboxing or MMA Fitness Classes

  • FREE Boxing or MMA Gloves!

*Valid on new students only.


MMA Fitness class schedule:

TUESDAY & Thursday




  • We recommend for you to come in 15-20 minutes before your first class to take a tour of the facilities and meet the instructors. We can also walk you through some basic techniques and footwork before class begins so that you can jump right in!


  • Students are encouraged to go at a pace that is comfortable for you. Feel free to take a break or grab a drink when you need to. Instructors will also have the class take drink breaks to make sure everyone is hydrated.


  • We have men's and women's locker rooms where personal items can be stored during class (ie: shoes, jackets, clothes, bags) or these items can be brought onto the floor with you during class.



  • Bring your boxing gloves, MMA gloves, and/or hand wraps to every class.

  • Bring all of your sparring to every class.

  • Water or a sports drink. We also have a drinking fountain available and bottled cold drinks for sale in our pro-shop.

  • A sweat towel is recommended.